Committee Members Planning New Event

The Toronto Fukuoka Kenjinkai committee members met on August 20 to plan a new event for the fall.  Here are some photos from the meeting.


Gosenkai Meeting Held

The Toronto Fukuoka Kenjinkai committee members held their annual Gosenkai and voted on people filling in the positions of president, vice president, etc.

Committee Members for 2017-18
President:  Noboru Yamamoto
Vice Presidents: Mika Fukuma and Hana Tominaga
Secretary: Jane Ejima
Treasurer: Bob Kawahara
Membership Director: Joan Hirano
Directors: Shinji Godo, Haru Godo
Senior Advisors:  Asaye Amemori and Kunio Suyama

Thank you to our Vice Presidents

The Toronto Fukuoka Kenjinkai board thanked two longtime directors for their dedication as vice presidents on May 20, 2016, during the Gosenkai. The two will remain on the board as senior advisors.

tfk_gosenkai2016_suyama tfk_gosenkai2016_amemori tfk_gosenkai2016_board